About Galactic Farms

The philosophy of our family farm is anchored in land stewardship, preservation of the native ecosystem, and a permaculture approach in which farming and cultivation is done in nature’s image.

Location, Location, Location!

Galactic Farms is a regenerative farm located along the beautiful Eel River in Stafford, CA which lies within the boundaries of the famous Emerald Triangle and its crowning jewel Humboldt County. Read through this page for a tour of the farm!

The farm is situated at the northern gateway of the world famous Avenue of the Giants. These “Giants”, enormous old growth coastal redwood trees, are representative of the area’s fertility. The soil which has sustained these trees for millennia is the very earth which sustains Galactic Farms. A small family farm framed in by the silhouettes of these star touching redwoods, and bordered by the magnificent Eel River, it is hard to imagine a more magical setting.

Farm Philosophy

The philosophy of this family farm is anchored in land stewardship, preservation of the native ecosystem, and following a teaching which prioritizes a permaculture approach in which farming and cultivation is done in nature’s image.

The acknowledgement of the land being the ancestral grounds of the Lolangkok Sinkyone people is at the forefront of all considerations when developing projects and strategies which affect the landscape. The current stewards of this land, a husband and wife duo, believe to truly cultivate in a meaningful way you must cultivate from the roots up, respecting the lineage of the land and incorporating it into daily practices.

Galactic Farms is a regenerative farm, utilizing regenerative practices, composting, grazing of poultry, integrating use of their poultry waste, and incorporating use of organic matter via homemade wood chips, biochar, and mulches. The farm nutrients are for the most part homemade using the JADAM method, a type of Korean Natural Farming. Galactic Farms is a Sun and Earth certified farm.

Indicus and Rachael Riggs, the husband and wife duo, have also carried on past traditions from Indicus’ father who passed the land to his son after his passing in 2019. His father, Patrick Riggs, was a certified native plant herbalist and naturalist, harvesting native medicinal and edible plants which have proliferated the land. This tradition is continued today and makes up a portion of their farming business practice.

Licensed Cannabis Garden

Another tradition which continues to this day is the cultivation of a small licensed cannabis garden. Dating to a time when the cultivation of the plant could see you persecuted, the perseverance of this garden is paramount to the foundation of the farm and is a continuation of the legacy built by the Riggs family.

Using regenerative and permaculture practices, the cannabis is grown in native soil and using the power of the sun, not artificial light. Cannabis grown in native soils and under the sun retain higher terpene percentages, and a more diverse cannabinoid profile.

The situation of the land and its proximity to the river allow for dry farming techniques to be utilized, using a fraction of the water of traditional crops grown in a traditional manner. When cultivating cannabis in such ways the true expression of the flowers are the epitome of terroir, or ‘taste of place’, as defined in other industries such as winemaking. The same is true for cannabis and even other crops.

Ascension Apiary

An additional ‘taste of place’ is reflected in the Riggs’ extensive apiary and the honey they harvest from their bees.

Beginning each Spring the bees go foraging on the myriad of native trees and plants, from broad leaf maple trees to numerous varieties of willow, the nectar sources change and evolve throughout the year providing a diverse source of sustenance for these bees and a full bodied and complex flavor of honey.

Ascension Apothecary

Ascension Apothecary is a culmination of everything we do at Galactic Farms. Our apothecary weaves together the decades of experience that Rachael and Indy have gained in herbalism, plant spirit medicines, beekeeping, and plant cultivation practices, to create products that are incredibly effective. Rachael and Indy use family recipes developed and honed by Indy’s father, Patrick Riggs (an accomplished herbalist), in addition to recipes they have created and perfected together to create their products.

Ascension Apothecary is committed to using only the best ingredients in their products. This includes high end essential oils that have been tested for purity and wild crafted herbs and materials, such as Mugwort grown on their property and harvested in alignment with the moon cycles. Ascension Apothecary’s commitment to excellence is felt every time you use one of our exceptional products.

Meet the Team

Indicus Riggs

Indicus Riggs is a master grower, a father of two children and a husband to their mother, his wife Rachael Riggs. Indicus has long been involved with cannabis cultivation, growing his first plants in the year 1997.

Specializing in outdoor cultivation, but experienced in all types of cultivation, you can feel the experience through the effects of his flowers. Having his roots in the soil at Galactic Farms where he embarked upon his cannabis cultivation journey at the age of 16, he has persisted in his cannabis endeavors for the last 26 years. These endeavors have taken him all over Humboldt County and into several different appellations of cultivating regions.

The experience garnered in the different growing regions has given Indicus a well rounded view of cultivation practice and an ability to understand the importance of each unique geographical location. Coming full circle back to his family’s land after the passing of his father in 2019, has allowed him to carry on a legacy which he has prioritized by focusing on this single location.

Keeping the family farm small allows for a curated approach to cultivation and provides an emphasis on true “craft” production. Indicus and cannabis are inextricable, from the name his father gave him to the time he was born, (4:20 pm!!), you can very well say it is in his blood.

Rachael Riggs

Rachael Riggs is a teacher, a medicine woman, and a mother of the two children she shares with her husband, Indicus Riggs. Rachael and Indy fell in love immediately at the young age of 21, when Rachael filled up his beer cup at a party, and they knew from the first date they never wanted to be apart. This deeply rooted commitment to each other set them on their path of forging a beautiful and full life together.

This life has led Rachael to becoming a teacher, a farmer, and an accomplished beekeeper. Rachael also has practiced the blending and alchemy of essential oils for the past 15 years, leading to her unique and highly effective blends that you can find on the shop page. One of the first things Indy taught Rachael was how to grow a garden using no-till methods. That garden led to them creating a family farm, and the no-till method quickly turned into adopting full regenerative farming practices. Working with the land has offered Rachael a well rounded education in wildcrafting herbs and creating recipes for the healing of the human body and mind.

Growing up in a big city, and moving to Humboldt 20 years ago, was a key turning point in Rachael’s life. Humboldt has taught Rachael how to live in harmony with nature, how to cultivate not only plants, but life, in a balanced and regenerative way, and to continue to work towards creating a self-sustaining homestead with her family.