Nugs N Roses

100% Pure cannabis flower, regeneratively grown and Sun and Earth certified. Packed in organic rose petal king size cones in a beautiful custom box. Three per box. (Single doob tubes now available!)

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Cannabis Testing Results

Total THC: 27.087%
Total CBD: 0.059%
Sum of Cannabinoids: 32.873%

Total Terpenes: 2.078% | 20.786 mg/g

  • β – CARYOPHYLLENE: 8.089 mg/g
  • D – LIMONENE: 4.812 mg/g
  • α – HUMULENE: 3.657 mg/g
  • α – BISABOLOL: 1.449 mg/g
  • LINALOOL: 0.959 mg/g

Nugs N Roses is perhaps our favorite product. Inspired a few summers ago by the petals from our rose garden, the powerful effects of smoking roses were realized. Acting as a conduit to inner peace, an aphrodisiac 😉 and its ability to stave off depression, when roses are coupled with cannabis all of these effects are amplified exponentially!”

Indicus & Rachael Riggs